Innovative and diverse

Industrial doors

Industrial sectional doors

These space-saving door systems can be adapted to different industrial facilities using various track applications. This gives you planning reliability when building a new facility or renovating. Hörmann offers you customised solutions for every application: from doors with wicket doors with trip-free threshold as a convenient passage to fully glazed doors with scratch-resistant Duratec glazing.


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High-speed doors

Hörmann high-speed doors are used both inside and as exterior doors to optimise the flow of traffic, improve room conditions and save energy. Your advantage: the SoftEdge technology with built-in anti-crash/crash-protection makes flexible high-speed doors extremely safe and economical. The fast spiral door HS 7030 PU with double-skinned PU insulating panels for excellent insulation is recommended as an external door.


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Rolling shutters and rolling grilles

Thanks to a simple construction with just a few components, rolling shutters are both economical and sturdy. Depending on your requirements, you can choose from different curtain and equipment variations. The rolling shutter SB with innovative tension spring technology is an especially economical solution for hall openings with a low opening frequency. The rolling shutter Decotherm S is the right choice for rough logistics operations.


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Loading technology

Hörmann provides you with all the components for your loading bay from a single source: dock levellers, dock shelters, loading houses and buffers. Developed and manufactured in-house, Hörmann products are optimally matched, which ensures smooth loading and unloading at your loading bay.


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Power supply stations

Power supply stations from Hörmann - the ideal solution for providing electrical, water, air pressure and telephone connections wherever they are needed. Simply select the aboveground or underground power supply stations that suit your needs and then have them configured to precisely match your individual requirements.

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Collective garage doors

As the need for parking space in cities and urban centres continues to increase, underground and collective garages are becoming more and more important. These garages are often built in mixed-use residential and commercial areas. This requires door systems that are particularly quiet. Especially for this purpose, Hörmann offers perfectly matched systems consisting of door and operator.


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Fire sliding doors

Fire and smoke-tight sliding doors by Hörmann are available as single and double-leaf versions or as telescopic fire sliding doors. For fast passage of pedestrians, sack trucks or small trolleys, fire sliding doors with wicket/escape door are also available. They are also available as multi-purpose doors without special requirements.


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Sliding gates

Hörmann sliding gates made of stable steel profiles are delivered as a complete element with an opening width of up to 16 metres. Thus, with 2-element versions, a width of 32 metres can be attained. The construction is self-supporting. Your advantages: very little foundation work, no guide rail fitting, no door travel malfunctions due to ice, snow or heavy soiling.


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Double-action doors and strip curtains

Hörmann´s Flex strip curtains are especially suitable for use as inexpensive doors for large warehouse openings. The durable UPVC strips seal to a large extent and only open up to the width of the vehicle or load.
Hörmann Flex double-action doors are designed for use in buildings with normal forklift traffic. The double-action doors are delivered completely pre-assembled for simple fitting.


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Sports hall doors

Sports hall doors separate the hall from the equipment rooms in sports and multi-purpose halls. The Hörmann sports hall door complies with the accident prevention regulations “Schools” of the German statutory accident insurance GUV‑V S 1. The door leaf is bounce-resistant in accordance with DIN 18032-3. As Europe’s leading manufacturer of doors, hinged doors, frames and operators, we are committed to high product and service quality. This is how we set standards on an international scale.


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