Road blockers and high-security bollards securing an entrance

High-security barriers

High-security barriers

If an area requires maximum security and thus has to be protected from unauthorised access temporarily or permanently, our high security gates from the Hörmann High Security Line are just the right solution.

Depending on the type and size of the area requiring protection, you can choose from Hörmann bollards, tyre killers or road blockers and flexibly combine the individual products and operate them with custom control concepts.

The optional EFO emergency function extends our automatic road blockers, bollards and tyre killers within 1.5 seconds.

Bollards in front of a palace

High-security barriers – security levels at a glance

The security provided by a high-security barrier is measured based on different impact energies. The energy with which a vehicle makes impact is dependent on the vehicle type, weight and speed. The impact energy is decisive for damage and function.

Impact energy with destruction

This value indicates what speed of a specific vehicle type the high-security barrier can resist. If, for example, a vehicle weighing 6800 kg hits the high-security barrier at a speed of 87 km/h (see graphic), permanent damage can be caused to the mechanisms and construction of the high-security barrier, meaning that the high-security barrier needs to be replaced after the crash. The vehicle will, however, be prevented from passing through.

Impact energy without destruction

The value indicates that a collision of a given vehicle type moving at a specific maximum speed is stopped and no damage will result to the mechanism or construction of the high-security barrier. For example, if a vehicle weighing 6800 kg hits the high-security barrier at a speed of 52 km/h, the function and safety of the high-security barrier would be maintained.

Road blockers

If you want to protect entrances or exits up to 6 metres in width with increased security measures, we recommend our road blockers.

Depending on the situation, our road blockers can either be let into the ground flush-fitting or alternatively fitted to a finished flooring without any earthworks. Retracted at ground level during normal operation, they can be quickly raised in emergencies, effectively stopping unauthorised vehicles.

Our road blockers in heights of 500 or 1000 millimetres are certified to or comply with crash test rating PAS68. Road Blocker 1000 withstands a lorry weighing 7.5 tonnes approaching at 80 km/h.

Tyre killers

Tyre killers securing the entrance to a secure area

Our tyre killers M enable controlled one-way traffic up to a width of 6 metres. They prevent traffic in the opposite direction, with spikes slashing the tyres to stop the vehicle within just a few metres.
Fitted to a finished flooring, the tyre killer is suitable for low frequencies of use.

The flush-fitting variant Tyre Killer H, which is let into the ground, is suited for high frequencies of use. This tyre killer offers improved protection, including against larger vehicles such as lorries.

High-security bollards

Certified to crash tests, our High Security Line bollards are available as automatic, removable or fixed versions. 

Learn more about our high security bollards under Bollards.