Sustainable and innovative

We Think Green


Hörmann is taking responsibility for our environment and our future

As a family company, Hörmann has always been aware of its responsibility to the next generations. This includes responsibility for its employees, Hörmann products, resources, and our environment. Today we rise to this challenge more than ever before.

Protecting natural resources while improving environmental protection...

...many small steps towards an important goal

Hörmann is committed to environmental protection down to the last detail: Thoroughly examining our daily actions is the only way to find areas that can be fine-tuned to save even more energy and conserve our resources more consciously. This continuous commitment to the environment is evident in measures such as the use of recycled paper and CO2-neutral post or the recycling of transport packaging.

Innovative technology, intelligent systems...

...for noticeable climate protection each and every day

We are investing in a clean future with innovative combined heating and power stations at many Hörmann factories and an intelligent energy management system. These measures help to substantially reduce our CO2 emissions and also increase the long-term environmental awareness of all those involved.

Good for the environment...

.... a reduction of over 16000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year

Hörmann reduces its annual CO2 emissions by approximately 16000 tonnes by using renewable energies, for example. In addition, the Hörmann locations will be directly connected to local wind power stations wherever possible in the future. These steps will help us make a lasting reduction to our CO2 footprint by creating a path that we will continue to follow.

Sustainably produced construction components

Hörmann products and production processes as well as the entire organisation are constantly improved and further developed. This applies equally to quality, energy efficiency, environment and health protection as well as occupational safety. All Hörmann employees contribute to these common goals as part of the integrated quality, environmental, energy and occupational safety management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001, 14001, 50001 and BS OHSAS 18001. A flat hierarchy and open and trusting communication support the established management systems.

Sustainable products for projects that last

From procuring raw materials to production and transport logistics – protection of the environment and natural resources plays an important role in every phase at Hörmann.
Hörmann is already manufacturing its products in an environmentally-friendly manner. Sustainably produced and certified construction components, such as multi-function doors, can be found in innovative construction projects: The Unileverhaus and Spiegel-Haus in Hamburg’s Hafencity are two famous examples of this sustainable orientation.
Hörmann products are also used directly in climate protection projects, such as Hörmann steel doors in windmills.